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KACAD is a future graduate program allowing you to complete your graduate degree and supervised experiential on-site learning in less than 16 months.   KACAD is a competency-based education model program comparable to what is currently being used in other health professions including physical therapy, speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, nursing, and pharmacy.   One of the advantages of CBE (competency-based education) is that it serves work readiness for the desired behaviors and job skills for an RDN.   Because of this, employers see potential value in job applicants who graduate from a CBE program.  

KACAD is unique in that it is a distance program offering you the ability to complete your coursework and on-site experiential learning in your own demographic area.   KACAD has an excellent curriculum and processes in place to prepare students for dietetics practice at a higher level of practice. 


​For your supervised experiential learning experience, you will be required to find your own preceptors and facilities.  It is beyond rewarding to find one’s own preceptors and facilities to work with. This leads to professional relationships that will develop while working alongside preceptors and others in the field at each facility. Several interns have received jobs due to the relationships they have built while completing their internships located in the areas they live!

The KACAD program is designed to cultivate diversity & strengthen an inclusive environment for all of our students during their experiences. We offer training on diversity and inclusion and are committed to maintaining a culture that allows for its members to feel welcomed, valued, and respected. KACAD is inclusive of, but not limited to culture, lifestyles, abilities, religions, socio-economic status, political systems, and philosophies.


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