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KACAD Tuition and Fees

Estimated Costs 2.29.24

Expenses covered by KACAD

  • Nutrition Care Manual subscription

  • Electronic Nutrition Care Process Terminology subscription

  • RDN exam study guidebook

  • Legal counsel for affiliation agreements

  • Initial background check and drug screen

  • Professional liability insurance

  • Some meals at orientation in Tulsa

The University of Central Arkansas offers financial aid to students who are enrolled in graduate school.  Students will receive the minimum number of credits needed to earn financial aid.  Consequently, students are eligible to apply for financial aid and qualify for loan deferments every semester and during the summer.   Students needing to apply for financial aid should inquire at the UCA Financial Aid Office. 

Harrin Hall, Suite 200

Office Hours:  8:00am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday
Contact us by email at or phone us at (501) 450-3140

For additional information, please visit the website at


Keith & Associates does not participate in federal student financial assistance programs administered by the U.S. Department of Education.


After acceptance when the student returns the signed enrollment agreement and first tuition payment, KACAD will provide upon the student’s request:

  • Official letter with effective dates of enrollment, program accreditation and licensure status and a statement that the program provides the supervised practice experience required in order to earn the verification statement needed to take the Registration Exam for Registration Dietitian Nutritionists that is required prior to entry into the profession

  • Upon written request, the program will complete loan deferment forms provided by the student or their lender


Any external financing (e.g., bank loans) for SEL tuition should be arranged prior to accepting the appointment.


KACAD tuition and fees may be made in five payments and are due:

  • $895 upon acceptance into program (non-refundable)

  • $2,500 each semester of the program.


Payment methods: 

  • Credit cards are accepted, but a 3.5% fee is charged in addition to tuition payment. ​

  • Send a check or money order to:

    • KACAD

    • 115 W. 3rd Street, STE 802

    • Tulsa, OK 74103

  • Electronic transfer (no additional fees)

  • All forms needed for payments are available at Intern Login | KADDI | Tulsa, Ok (

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