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KACAD is a partnership of the University of Central Arkansas and Keith & Associates (K&A) for an integrated dietetic education program in compliance with ACEND's future education model - graduate program. K&A also sponsors a dietetic internship (KADDI). In addition to the M.S. degree earned from the University of Central Arkansas, KACAD students will receive the same training in entrepreneurship as KADDI interns. Have a look at some businesses started by KADDI graduates.

Nourish Wellness

Chrissy Wind graduated from the KADDI 2019 winter class and started her own business called Nourish Well, where she gives practical tools from a non-judgmental place and promotes healing from the inside out through an evidence-based, whole-food approach.

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Dietitian References

A resource hub for future RDs where Dietitians can list their fully-formed resources for sale.

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Hudson Valley Kids Nutrition Ninette Warner Dietitian

Ninette Warner graduated from KADDI's 2020 summer class and immediately started Kids Nutrition to support parents in feeding their children and overcoming picky eating.

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Nicole Hincklet Nutrition

A member of KADDI's first class in 2017, Nicole Hinckley started her own consulting firm in Dallas, Texas. 

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Dakota Dietitians


After graduation in 2018, Gavin Van De Walle started Dakota Dietitians. Within a year, he had grown his business & hires other RDs to staff multiple facilities.

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Eco Empress


Nicole Scott-Harris graduated KADDI's first part-time class in 2017. She now operates her business as a nutrition coach and wellness expert.

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Amanda Nicole RDN Logo


Amanda Steinberg was in the KADDI summer 2018 class. Within six months of graduation she launched her own practice. KADDI graduates rock!

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Kokoro Nutrition


2018 KADDI graduate, Julie Harris, works full-time from home as a content developer and writer. She also volunteers as a program reviewer for ACEND.

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